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Faith Chats arranged for you in a logical sequence. 

1 Evangelization & Catechesis
Are you fulfilling your baptismal calling to evangelize and catechize?
2 The Deposit of Faith
Do you look for knowledge, wisdom, and truth on the Internet or in the Deposit of Faith?
Must I accept all 'Divine' revelation?
3 God the Father
Do you believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven & earth?
Should we call our priests 'Father'?
4 The Most Holy Trinity
Can you explain the biggest mystery in all of Christendom?
What one thing can we do that God cannot do?
5 Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Is Jesus Christ true God, true man, or both?
6 The Holy Spirit
Who is the author and guardian of truth?
7 Creation, the Angels, and Man
If the 'Big Bang' started everything, who lit the fuse?
Do you want physical or spiritual health?
8 Satan
What do you know about the Prince of Darkness?
Does Satan tempt everyone with equal vigor?
9 Sin
What harms our relationship with the God who loves us?
10 Grace & Merit
What is God's perpetual gift to us?
11 Heaven
What should we focus on in this life?
Can Non-Believers Go To Heaven?
12 Hell
Who buys our one way ticket to hell?
Will God ever empty or annihilate hell?
13 Purgatory
Is Purgatory your second chance to stay out of hell?
Do We Put People In Heaven Too Soon?
14 Indulgences
Hey! You want to buy an indulgence?
15 The Catholic Church
How many Churches did Jesus establish?
If You Leave The Church, What Do You Lose?
16 The Word of God
What is the ultimate Word of God?
17 Apostolic Tradition
How is the Gospel communicated?
18 Sacred Scripture
Who is the author of Sacred Scripture?
Can we dismiss the Genesis creation story?
19 The Magisterium of the Church
Does the Bible interpret itself?
20 Salvation, Justification, & Sanctification
Are we saved by faith or good works?
Can I know with certainty that I am saved?
21 Peter
Upon whom did Jesus build His Church?
Why Did Jesus Give Peter The Keys To The Kingdom?
22 The Papacy
Whom did Jesus call to shepherd His Church?
23 Infallibility
Is the Pope indefectible, inerrant, or infallible?
24 Apostolic Succession
Who are the successors to the Apostles?
25 Church Councils
Why does the Pope convene Church councils?
26 Early Church Fathers
What did the Early Church Fathers give us?
27 Heresy
What threatens Church unity?
28 Mary, the Mother of God
Why do we call Mary the Mother of God?
29 Mary, the Immaculate Conception
Is the Immaculate Conception about Jesus or Mary?
30 Mary's Perpetual Virginity
Did Mary give birth to other children?
31 Mary's Assumption into Heaven
Did Mary die before she went to heaven?
32 The Communion of Saints
Why do Catholics pray to 'dead' people?
33 Prayer, Fasting, & Abstinence
How can we deepen our love for God?
How should I approach God in prayer?
34 The Ten Commandments
What's the basis of God's moral teaching?
35 The Beatitudes & Virtues
Where's our road map for serving God?
Are The 'Seven Deadly Sins' Really Sins?
36 Canon Law
What body of laws governs the Church?
37 The Sacraments
What are God's primary vehicles of grace?
Does Each Sacrament Cleanse Us Of All Sin?
38 Baptism
Is Baptism necessary for salvation?
Is infant Baptism found in the Bible?
39 Confirmation
Confirmation seals the baptized with what gifts?
40 Holy Communion & the Real Presence
Is Jesus truly present in the Eucharist?
41 The Mass
Do Catholics re-crucify Jesus at Mass?
42 Holy Matrimony
Is marriage a contract or covenant?
Can my marriage keep me from Holy Communion?
43 Divorce, Remarriage, & Annulments
Can divorced Catholics remarry, validly?
44 Holy Orders
Will the Church ever ordain women priests?
45 Celibacy & Chastity
Who is called to live a chaste life?
How Does Pornography Harm Us?
46 Consecrated Life & Religious Orders
What's the essence of Consecrated Life?
47 Reconciliation
Can we confess our sins directly to God?
Why must we examine our consciences?
48 Anointing of the Sick
Can only the dying be anointed?
49 Redemptive Suffering
Does God desire our pain and suffering?
50 Death & Grieving
What must we do to rise with Christ?
Can Eulogies Distort Church Teaching?
51 Sacramentals & Blessings
Do sacramentals differ from sacraments?
52 Devotions & Veneration of the Saints
Has idolatry crept into Catholic devotion?
Must Catholics Pray the Rosary?
53 Apparitions & Miracles
Must I believe in apparitions & miracles?
54 Relics, Statues, Images, & Idolatry
Why care about relics, statues, & images?
Why Do Catholics Keep Jesus On The Cross?
55 Non-Catholic Christians & Non-Christians
Isn't it enough just to believe in Christ?
Are Mormons Christians?
How Does Islam Differ From Christianity?
56 Catholic Morality
Why is the Church the world’s moral beacon?
Are Some Moral Decisions Always Wrong?
57 Birth Control, Contraception, Sterilization, & Abortion
Is artificial contraception always immoral?
58 Euthanasia & End-of-Life Issues
Who has the right to end a human life?
59 Stem Cell Research & Cloning
Does God Condone Cloning & Stem Cell Use?
60 Homosexuality & Same-Sex Marriage
Can Same-Sex Attraction Become Sinful?
61 Social Justice
Must I Tend To The Needs Of Others?
Why Live The Corporal & Spiritual Works Of Mercy?
62 The End Times & the Second Coming
Are The End Times & Second Coming Upon Us?
How Does Jesus Judge Us?

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